Cartier Astrotourbillon Carbon Crystal Replica Watches

Cartier Replica recently used a very impressive Cartier ID Two concept watch to see the nerd. Those who budget even buy theoretically are likely to be disappointed because ID Two will never be sold. However, at the same time, Cartier announced ID Two, which also announced the limited edition of the Rotonde de Cartier Astrotourbillon carbon crystal watch, which contained some of the technology and would be sold.

Cartier Observatory turned out two years ago. The cool watch inside has a Replica Watches movement, which is a rethinking of the traditional Tourbillon escapement. “Astrotourbillon” – as they say – is an escapement, which revolves around the dial, as a running stopwatch, like a hand. Personally, when SIHH first met, I immediately fell in love with this concept. Last year Cartier released the Caliber de Cartier Astrotourbillon version of the watch in the Caliber style case. The same case style is Cartier for ID II.

The appearance of the watch is actually very clear, with a white and gray tone of the male temperament. Hand and Roman digital hour indicator light is bright and easy to see. The observatory is more noticeable than ever, because the central dial “island” has been skull, and more is the movement of the operation. It looks like Astrotourbillon has always been appreciated. It is hard to fall in love with this watch. With its considerable capital and clever designers, Replica Watches AAA continued to impress us with high-end division hours, in fact it combines traditional Cartier elegance with mechanical excellence and interest.

Carbon crystals are used to produce tourbillon bridges, pallet assemblies and escapement wheels. The escapement body does not require any lubrication as a whole, without adjustment. So you can see that the technology drops in a sense to the available watch. I know that the first brand to promote its use of diamond-coated silicon is Ulysse Nardin, who are basically buying a company. Replica Watches China┬áis said to work with a company called Diamaze to develop carbon crystals. I think they think the wafers are too common to use another name for marketing purposes – especially because from a visual point of view, wafers are usually blue, and these are clear. Silicon diamond coating is mainly for the substrate silicon material to increase the required strength.

Cartier Replica has promised to produce 50 pieces in the limited edition Astrotourbillon carbon crystal watch. This is definitely the best watch worthy of attention. The better news is that Cartier is not all of the villi, and their high-tech research results will eventually become a purchaseable watch. When such a technology will reach the mainstream Cartier watch is another problem.